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Custom Features

Gauges have come a long way since the old saitek 1990's look. gauges come with in gauge custom features set in internal menus "the MINI MENU" in addition to manual custom features. all variables can be edited manually and the variables are listed in each gauge reference guide, but all our gauge variables start "FG_"

Below are a list of custom features you may not be aware of and I hope you find them useful.

Virtual Power Management

Our gauges are designed to turn off if the DC voltage output by the LOADED aircraft is lower than a set threshold (default threshold is set to 22v DC). So if your GA gauges are 20% DIM and LED lights and displays are dead or your Digital Glass Panels Gauges are blank with a thin border then your gauges are virtually powered down.

Gauges will power down if the wrong aircraft support mode is selected or if you are switching to a DC bus that isn’t outputting power or if the current aircraft voltage is less than the threshold (FG_GLOBAL_MIN_VOLTAGE).

Make sure an Aircraft is loaded and powered up for virtual power to turn on gauges. (Analogue gauge functions will continue to function)

Worse case you can turn off virtual power with the S6 button in the virtual power management gauge or set variable FG_GLOBAL_MIN_VOLTAGE to -1 (which does the same thing).

Click to watch YouTube Virtual Power Management tutorial. Click to download free fipgauges Virtual Power Settings gauge.

Panel Lighting

Our gauges have 4 different colour panel lights and you set the following variable on your panel light switch in addition to switching SIM "LIGHTS PANEL" variable

Variable: FG_GLOBAL_PANEL_LIGHTS (Profile Saved) 0) = Night Light Mode Off, 1) = Yellow, 2) = Green, 3) = Blue, 4) = Red

Custom Colours

With SPAD.neXt 0.9.7.x you can now custom colour some text and their backgrounds (dependant on gauge). You can set some forground and back grounds to any one of 16,777,216 colours. Some examples shown below.

To change colours manually edit the colour variables in SPAD.neXt's "DATA MONITOR". Simply goto add-ons in SPAD.neXt, Select the "DATA MONITOR" in the add-on list. Add the colour variables you want to edit by clicking on the Right-hand side button "Add Data". Then search for the variable name you want to edit. Variables are listed in the gauge reference guide/manual.

For example you can search for "FG_PROFILE" you will find all profile editable colours.

Colours can be set for both the powered up and powered down states, which is why there is 2x forground and 2x background variables.

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