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Downloading Gauges

Gauges can be downloaded immediately after purchase at the bottom of the confirmation page or later from your account history, where updates can also be downloaded.

You can download or update your gauge/s at any time. Simply log on, open your order history, open your order and the download links will be at the bottom of the order details page.

Once downloaded follow Installation and Update Guide

Should you have any issues at all with the download process then please contact us and we will be more then happy to assist and will e-mail your gauge/s to you should we not be able to resolve your download.

For security reasons you have 5 download attempts, after that please contact us so we can resolve any issues your are having. The download attempts are reset as updates for your gauges become available.

While you can download your gauges at any time, we would recommend you backup your gauges locally.

Updating 0.9.6.x gauges in SPAD 0.9.7.x

ANNOUNCEMENT: SPAD 0.9.7.x Just Released. 0.9.6.x gauges are updated in SPAD now. Click link for video tutorial. Update Gauges

Checking Gauge Updates SPAD 0.9.6.x only

Check if your gauges are up to date within SPAD.neXt. Press the [MANUAL] button on the SPAD.neXt FIP page with a gauge loaded or from the FIP loading menu. This will direct you to the fipgauges web gauge reference manual for the selected gauge, which will do a version check on the gauge. If the gauge is behind the current version the web page will tell you. If you are advised there is a newer gauge then simply download your gauge again from the store to get the latest version.

Gauge checking tutorial video.