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Q: How do I check my gauges are up to date in SPAD.neXt 0.9.7.x onwards?
A: From 0.9.7.x you will be notified in SPAD if your gauge needs updating.

Q: How do I check my gauges are up to date in SPAD.neXt 0.9.6.x and older?
A: From SPAD.neXt, either on the FIP page with a gauge loaded or from the FIP loading page press the [MANUAL] button. This will direct you to the fipgauges web gauge reference for the selected gauge, which will do a version check on the gauge. If the gauge is behind the current version the web page will tell you. If you are advised there is a newer gauge then simply download your gauge again from the store to get the latest version.

Q: Why doesnt the auto update work in SPAD and stops on backing up old gauge?
A: Most likely gauges were incorrectly installed inside the SPAD.neXt application directory tree. You will need to move gauges are per my site's installation instructions, Moving them could mean profile wont load them!!. SPAD mentioned that if you have done this running SPAD "as administrator" may allow SPAD to backup the guages files, which are not part of the SPAD.neXt application, hense the need to save outside the SPAD.neXt application directory tree.

Q: Do your gauges work in x-plane?
A: Yes and No! We do NOT support x-plane compatibility because SPAD.neXt does the variable translations, which is beyond's control. Please see our "Which Simulators" page for more information on the subject.

Q: Do your gauges work for PMDG aircraft?
A:While I used to support gauges for P3D and FSX PMDG aircraft, I now currently only support the PMDG 737-x00 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Q: Do your gauges work for A2A aircraft?
A:Some old gauges supported A2A and my current Gauges still have the old A2A code in and should work but not supported any more.

Q: Why is the gauge I just loaded blank, dim or looks dead?
A: Gauges are coded to turn off electrical components or simulate low power when aircraft has no voltage (or no aircraft loaded), digital gauges will be totally blank.
1) Load and power up an aircraft and re-test.
2) Check out my Virtual Power Tutorial Video.
3) Click to download my free fipgauges Virtual Power Settings Gauge.

Q: Do your gauges support Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?
A: Very much so, YES.

Q: Can I request new gauges and change requests?
A: Yes, but please do so in our requests channel in discord. All requests considered, reviewed and discussed. Bugs will be resolved without hesitation, but not all ideas and requests make it to production. Aircraft specific gauges (other than PMDG or FBW) aren't considered unless they solely use SINCONNECT variables.

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