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Downloding Gauges

Downloading GuideFor help on downloading our gauges, then click here.

Installation and Updates

Install GuideFor help installing our gauges in SPAD.neXt, then click here.

Custom Colours

Custom ColoursFor info on gauge text custom colours, then click here.

In Gauge Menus - Mini Menu

Mini Menu GuideFor help with using in gauge menus (Gauges with blue LED), then click here.

Change Log

Change LogTo view the guage change log, then click here.

Contacting Us

Contact UsFor information about contacting us, then click here.


FAQ PageFor our FAQs page, then click here.

Trouble Shooting

Gauges are coded to turn off electrical components when aircraft has no voltage, digital gauges will be totally blank.

1) Load and power up an aircraft and re-test.

This can be caused by any of the following. (all are actual examples)

1) SPAD.neXt user reprogrammed buttons saved in profile take priority - remove any SPAD.neXt profile button programming or retest in a blank profile. You can also delete and re-add the gauge to restore our defaut gauge button or dial programming.

2) FIP needs re-booting - Unplug/Replug USB to FIP

NO SOUND ? (Sound enabled gauges only)
This can be caused by any of the following. (all are actual examples)

1) Make sure the in gauge volume isn't set to '0'

2) SPAD.neXt routes sound out of your default sound device so make sure that device isn't muted


Saitek driver (saiflightsimx.exe) gauges have been retired and are no longer available to buy, but I will continue to provide support for customers who own them. Should you already own Saitek gauges and want to ugrade to SPAD.neXt then we can upgrade your gauges for free. Just contact us with your order number and we will be happy to arrange re-activation of your downloads to point to the SPAD.neXt downloads.

SPAD.neXt has given us new functionality to build into gauges and additional creativity not possible using Saitek Drivers (like menus, sounds and transparancies) so no time to look back.

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