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Simulators Supported

Microsoft Flifht Simulator 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Prepar3d (all versions) & Flight Sim World are supported. Gauges use SIMCONNECT variables. x-plane does not use SIMCONNECT, but SPAD.neXt transcribes the gauges SIMCONNECT variables to x-plane format, so while gauges mostly work, I can not fully support issues with variable transcriptions (see x-plane section below for more info).

LATEST NEWS MSFS: Currently there are some framerate issues running more than 6 FIPs in MSFS-2020 on low end PCs. Even if your PC meets the minimum specs for MSFS-2020 you also need to consider the impact of running lots of devices on your PC that Microsoft wont take into account. If your PC is a bit under powered. FIPs in general read and write a lot of data and the more FIPs the more data. Please make sure your PC isnt struggling before purchasing LOTS of gauges for MSFS-2020. Not Officially Supported

(Supported by SPAD.neXt (x-plane licence) - NOT by
(Please Read Carelfully)

While has many x-plane customers, thank you!, we do NOT officially support x-plane (best endevours). Our gauges are simply not coded for x-plane datarefs. However, SPAD.neXt translates x-plane datarefs to SIMCONNECT variables so the majority of our gauges do actually work in x-plane. Because SPAD.neXt translates the variables and supports the translation, any readout issues should be reported to SPAD.neXt.

I can not issue refunds should you choose to buy them and have issues using them in x-plane. All output errors should be reported to SPAD.neXt support and NOT to Any issues not related to the incorrect display of data from x-plane can still be reported to, but if found to be as a result of bad or no data transcription, then we would not be able to resolve or support.

X-Plane KNOWN issues reported by customers using SPAD.neXt 0.9.6.x and above. This is by no means a complete compatibility list. Just because a gauges is not in this list does not mean it will work flawlessly.

I have no way of knowing if any of the below has been fixed by SPAD.neXt since being reported. I will update this as customers inform me, but its by no way a complete list of all potential issues, only those reported.

Digital Clock:
Simulator time shows the sim time but every few seconds randomly jumps to another value and then goes back to the right value (PC time shown without issue)

Digital Clock with O.A.T. and Volts:
Simulator time shows the sim time but every few seconds randomly jumps to another value and then goes back to the right value (PC time shown without issue)

Flight Information Box:
Issues displaying: N1 and N2 Percentages, Some fuel vaules and the spoiler position not working.

Hover Gauges (Both Standard and Military):
Scaling is wrong at 120n it only moves about 1 to 2 notches on the gauge scale

Volt - APU and Generator Gauge
Reported that values are not displayed - advised to contact SPAD.neXt

Helicopter RPM Gauge
No RPM Output - advised to contact SPAD.neXt

Turn Co-ordinator Gauge
Ball moves in wrong direction - advised to contact SPAD.neXt

Not Supported At All