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Simulators Supported

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Prepar3d (all versions) & Flight Sim World are supported. Gauges use SIMCONNECT variables. x-plane does not use SIMCONNECT so I can not support issues with variable transcriptions (see x-plane section below for more info). NOT SUPPORTED
Gauges are coded with SIMCONNECT variables NOT data refs

(Please Read Carelfully)

While has many x-plane customers, thank you!, we do not support x-plane AT ALL. Our gauges are simply not coded for x-plane datarefs. While, SPAD.neXt's registered x-plane or complete edition transcribes x-plane datarefs to SIMCONNECT variables and the majority of our gauges do work in x-plane, under no circumstances should you contact SPAD.neXt or support via any method.

Should you choose to buy them and have issues using them in x-plane then I cannot issue refunds once downloaded. We recommend you "do not buy" gauges NOT designed for x-plane.

x-plane discussions are allowed on fipgauges discord #general-chat channel only. Unfortunately I cannot reply to x-plane issues via contact us, email or discord support channels (other than the general chat).

NOT for these Simulators

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